Fashion Friday 12.04.09: Deja Shoe, AGAIN!

The other week I was browsing through Macy’s and saw these Guess Boot, Elize style. I thought they were so adorable! I liked the combination of leather and nylon. And the rubber platform. Then it hit me why I thought they were so cute (besides the 4inch wedge heel). The only thing doesn’t sell me is the logo on the side. I’m so not into being branded.

guess elize boot black
I have a pair of boots just like them! well, not exactly but pretty damn similar from last winter. And they are definitely my FAVORITE winter boots. Comfy & stylish. The JO boot by BCBGirls.

bcbgirl jo boot

I got this boot last year during Black Friday weekend, and was in love! It wasn’t love at first sight though, more of the love you have to grow into because I wan’t sold on the mixed fabrics. They sold me because they were uber comfortable, definitely didn’t feel like 4 inches. AND they were warm inside & my calves fit comfortably inside. Love.

Now I’m torn, do I really NEED the Guess boots? HHMMM???

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