Fashion Friday 12.11.09 : Zappos & Ed Hardy

Never have I been an Ed Hardy fan. I mean, who was this brand I had never heard of, and why are people so gaga over it suddenly? And why the hell are there skulls on damn near everything? But yet they were so popular it’s a wine now?

And then I’m on Zappos browsing for some scarves and Ed Hardy has some pretty dope ones. Absoutely FAB scarves. Also Absolutely OVERpriced too!  And that’s why I freaking LOVE Zappos! I mean, their customer service is the bomb! They are great. They always respond to @ replies on twitter. Even before twitter, when I had to call them, they were helpful. Absolutely adore Zappos and their low costs. And I am loving these scarves I found by Ed Hardy (for a significantly lower price!!)

check them:

Wild Ride Fringe scarf  CUTE!!
Wild Ride Fringe scarf CUTE!!
Silk C'mse - you can't even tell those are skulls!
Silk C’mse – you can’t even tell those are skulls!

ed hardy silk scarfAnd this one- my FAV!

They have soo many cute scarves and other accessories you must check them out. Not that I’m going to turn around and become an Ed Hardy fan, but he does have a lot of stuff I wasn’t familiar with. Those skulls just don’t do it for me though. And I’m just not sold on Ed Hardy shoes. The sneakers were cute for kids, but the heels? For women, no bueno!!

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