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Have you ever Googled yourself. Not your email address, but your own first AND last name. I frequently google myself because I’m on the job hunt all the time and I want to make sure people aren’t finding bad things about me. I also Google the email address associated with my resume for good measure. For instance, I don’t want when people google my government name to link to my website.

Why you ask? Because, for some businesses, knowing someone has their own site can be a deterrent. What if I were to blog about their business in a negative way? I just think its better to keep the 2 separate (at least until I can make writing my full-time profession). Anywho…

One of the most interesting things I’ve found when I google myself are old reviews I’ve written on Amazon. They go back to about 2005, way before blogging was a twinkle in my eye. I just had to share them with you guys. Please excuse my horrible typing grammar from days past! I’m going to post them from oldest to newest.

Review of Destiny’s Child – Destiny Fulfilled:
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5.0 out of 5 stars great Great GREAT, November 15, 2004

I love this CD from beginning to end. I love the fact that you hear all their distinctive voices on this cd. You must go out and buy this! Here is how I rate the songs…
1.lose my breathe, great single-but once u hear the rest of the cd it loses appeal, kinda outta place tho wit the flow of the cd
2.soldier-love it, great follow up, shows that they aren’t just for pop culture, mtv… remember where u came from.. lol
3.cater 2 u-great songs for such women who promoted independent women, shows how u do have to submit to ur man sometimes to keep them
4. tshirt- i think this song is super sexy.. its so sensual, love it she the reason-every girl can relate to this song, and i love the way it flows… beautiful
6.girl-love it, makes me just wanna vibe wit my girls… u can’t have a destiny’s child song without a song about ur girls
7.bad habit-good song, not one of the best on the cd, but its still a good song
8.if-oh mi god.. i love the way they sung this song.. def. a 5 star song melody, i like it
10.through with love-love it, one of the more uptempo songs on the album… i love it of my favorite songs on my first listen and i like it cuz i can relate to it..

ladies-this cd is for the grown n sexy, it really shows their maturity as artist, as women, and its not just a beyonce featuring Dc.. go out n buy it…

Review of Sister Souljah’s Coldest Winter Ever
4.0 out of 5 stars  Worth the wait, January 25, 2005

I thought that I would never read this book, simply because I was always an avid reader and there were people who I thought couldn’t possibly identify a good book who were tossing this around as their favorite book. It was like everyone I knew was reading this book, so I tossed it away. However, I just completed this book and I am amazed at how well written it is, compared to other “drug game” or “ghetto” books are! Winter’s character is someone who u have sympathy for, but yet u don’t necessarily like her and u wonder-did she get what she deserved? I do recommend this book to people who read avidly and people who do not. The story line can throw u thru a loop, Souljah didn’t give u enough time to wonder what would happen next because she was one step ahead of the reader-keeping them engrossed. I give her mad props for her first novel and I hope that she does it again.

Review of Beyonce: B’Day

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4.0 out of 5 stars Blast from the Past, September 13, 2006

Being such a Beyonce fan, I was really looking forward to this cd. I even went in bought it in a world of free file sharing and all that good stuff, only to find Beyonce drifting backwards. While the cd is not a “bad” cd, it certainly is not a woman’s cd. This cd reminds me of the Writings on the Wall era of Destiny’s Child, and has not shown her growth into a woman. The ideas were there, but were not expressed as well as they could have been. That is where my disappointment lies. I give her 4 stars because of tracks like Resentment, Irreplaceable, and Ring the Alarm, where her skills truly shine, and I also applaud her creative attmepts. However, I feel that B has immersed herself too deeply in her role as Deena in Dreamgirls, she has said that she wrote this album in character, about things she felt Deena should have done or said. I think she needs to seperate that role from her real life, it was acting… so be like other actors and move on!

Review of Eric Jerome Dickey’s Chasing Destiny

5.0 out of 5 stars At his best!! , September 14, 2006

I love, love, loved this book. After being disappointed by some novels I had been reading over the past few months, I looked forward to this being my end of summer, back to school read before I had to delve back into poetry of the African Diaspora, and all that hard stuff, lol. This book was so good I read it in one day, I couldn’t tear myself away from the drama that was unfolding between Carmen, Billie, and Destiny. I love the way Dickey always intertwines all his characters, so that when you find out your jaw is dropping. Dickey captures relationships for what they really are; hard, confusing, and confusing parts of our life that we can’t avoid. And he makes you understand why they happen like that, and thats what I love about him. Dickey also, almost always, has the struggling male character in his novels, such as Drive me Crazy, Liars Game, etc., and yet you find sympathy in their struggle, and relatablity. I recommend this book to any fan of EJD and anyone who is looking for a good read. Being the book junkie that I am for African American fiction, I wouldn’t steer you wrong!

Review of Eric Jerome Dickey’s Waking with Enemies
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4.0 out of 5 stars Good, just not great, August 13, 2007

I was looking forward to this book ever since I closed the back cover to Sleeping with Strangers. While Walking with Enemies was good, it wasn’t what I was expecting. I felt that this book, along with SWS had too many pop culture references. For examples, there was an awkwardly placed reference to Vh1’s Flavor of Love show in WWE. There wasn’t as much cat & mouse chase as I would have liked and some of the situations were a little too unreal (Arizona’s circumstances). Too many curveballs for one novel. There were a few dead spots, but overall it was a good read, but I would have to say that SWS was a better book. This one had a lot of background info on the characters which was great on developing the story…but I wanted to see more cat & mouse between Gideon and Bruno.

Review of Terry McMillan’s The Interruption of Everything
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4.0 out of 5 stars Interrupted , December 7, 2007

I just finished this book yesterday and while I enjoyed it for gym reading. I felt that it was a little slow in the beginning. The ending left me wanting more. I had questions, what would happen between Marilyn and Gordon? What was the time period that passed in this book, there was no definite sense of weeks, months or days. I admit that I was sad about the death of the main characters sister, but I couldn’t imagine frail Authurine giving Leon the speech she gives in the final chapter. It didn’t go well with the story line they had for her character.

Review of Marilyn Monroe’s God Don’t Play

3.0 out of 5 stars  Not quite enough , July 2, 2008

I expected so much more from this book than what Mary Monroe offered. Not only was it predictable, it was slow. I read both the predecessors to this book and someone hoped that our protagonist, Annette wouldn’t be the same “I can’t do anything without Rhoda naiveté” that blessed us in the first two novels. In this novel we become more familiar with Rhoda’s daughter, Jade. Jade is god-daughter to Annette, who also has her own young daughter, Charlotte. Jade, despite being a petite small girl, is big trouble for Annette causing her to lie and deceive Rhoda, which weighs heavily on Annette. But somewhere in this book, you get tired of Annette’s affinity for Jade. Or at least I did. I began to wonder, when is enough enough? How come this big as house woman, can’t stand up to this teenage girl? Annette’s irrational behavior eventually begins to annoy me and also the lack of speed. This novel peaked way too late. Given this same material I feel it could have been much more of a page turner.

The last one written in July 2008 was about 1 month before I started blogging on and I can honestly see the progression in my grammar and syntax over the course of the reviews. IT could be that I graduated with a degree in Journalism in 2007 or just writing practice? Either way, I hope to continue to write and improve on it. I think too many people get caught up in the idea/act of “celebrity” blogging. I do this because I LOVE writing. I don’t post more of my personal things because, well frankly I don’t want to bore people.

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