HBO’s True Blood New Cast Member

So, in case you missed the memo, I am a HUGE ..  HUGE fan of True Blood. After season 1 I went & read ALLLLL the books by Charlaine Harris. They were so good! And they do NOT take away from the excitement of the HBO series because Alan Ball is excellent with changing it up. He does manage to introduce all the critical characters from the book, like Alcide who will be appearing in season 3. Now, I won’t spoil for those who don’t know, but Alcide needs to bring  major HOT factor. And Oh MY GOD they did it. I read on SpoilerTV who they cast, and they are RELIABLE and this guy is SMOKING HOT!

joe manganiello top less blackwhite

I’ve never watched One Tree Hill or How I Met Your Mother, but I mght go back and watch to see him. He was also in spiderMan. Hopefully he kills it as Alcide because I reallllllyy liked Alcides character and the mental image I have of him needs to be brought to life. We’ll see..

More Pics..

joe manganiello long hair cute alcide true blood hbo

alcide joe manganiello true blood

alcide joe manganiello true blood hbo

I think WK is going to be pleased!

Now I’m definitely even MORE excited about the upcoming season. HBO is great in casting, you can’t deny it. I also read on SpoilerTV that the cast ALFRE WOODARD as Lafayette’s Mom. I think that will be the bomb! Can you see my excitement?

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