Life without Internet!

Life without the internet is torture. Yes, I said it! I can live without cable, and I can live without phone, but the internet? Never! Maybe its because everything on TV can be found online, and probably first too! Or maybe its the whole, “I’m living in a time of instant gratification” idealogy that we’ve grown so accustomed to? Either way, the truth of the matter is that this. I, Cleo Sunshine, have a firm addiction to the internet. It’s usefulness is beyond measure. My sanity is dependent upon my connection to the world wide web. Oh, and make no mistake, not just any internet will do. I have spent the last few days vying for signal on an open network somewhere in my development, its unreliable-ness is just as bad as having NO internet. Imagine. Your biting into that delicious piece of cheesecake, and right before your teeth close around the bite, it magically disappears. How disappointed would you be? Tragic I tell you. Tragic. I think this is only slightly worse than dial-up. At least dial-up was reliable. It just took 30 years to load up one page. You could go make a 5 course dinner and come back to a page loaded only 75% with no images. Unreliable internet is like cooking on an uneven stove in your neighbors house. Half of your chicken is well done, and the other half still rare. Unedible I tell you.

I did finish the book I was reading and grow up two Sim children in this downtime. It also took me 3 days to watch Will Ferrel’s Step Brothers. The excitement and humor died after the 2nd day of buffering. The next time I’m without internet, I’m packing my bags and making a cot on the Panera floor. Or anywhere else they supply free wireless. Yup. Problem Solved.


It took me 6 tries to post this. FML!!!

One thought on “Life without Internet!

  • onebaddboo

    LOLOLOLOLOL It’s so true though!!!! I was only without internet for 2 days but thank goodness for this driod that still has linked up to the world, oh, and work!!! Sheesh! Just thinking about NO internet gives me shutters!!!!!

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