Time’s Top 10 Buzzwords of 2009.

Every year some new words are the ‘it’ words to say. 2009 had some beauties… The ones I thought worth noting:

1. SEXTING: I never say this word. But it’s a shortened form of ‘sex-texting” and apparently its rampant in teens these days. Makes me sooo happy I have no kids!

2. Public Option: The word heard ’round the world! The health care debate is still strong and controversial. How many people reallllly know what a ‘public option’ is? I mean, do you reealllyy??

3. Auto Tone: T-Pain has ruined us! I mean, autotone isn’t new, but since T-Pain got in the game, everyone is using it. And 2009 had so much more of it than usual. It even has an iPhone app. shoot me.

Of  course you know you can find the rest of the list on TIME but I didn’t find it as interesting. I mean, they didn’t even have C’mon Son or Kanye Shrug listed!! And those are far more catch worthy than some of the ones they have listed.  Hell the word hashtag was more popular than Wise Latina (bet you don’t even know what that’s a reference to!!).

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