Time’s Top Ten: Facebook News in 2009

I have been a member of Facebook since it was www.thefacebook.com and when you had to be a student at an approved college. It was exciting to check the list they had to see if some of your friends colleges had been added. Then eventually they went and opened to the general public to compete with the now defunct (at least to me) MySpace.  Now, its just “Facebook” and its where you go to play MobWars, SororityLife and Sim Social and maybe reconnect with family members you haven’t heard from since 1992. So, let’s see what Time has as the Top 10 Facebook stories of 2009!

1. Facebook, started by a 25 yr old Harvard Dropout surpased 300 million users in Septemeber, starting 2009 with 150million, that equates to 550,000 new members a DAY! A DAY!!!

2. Farmville – I refuse to play this game!! I’m tired of it clogging up my “news feed’

5. Re-Writing your rights: Remember when you found Facebook was able to use your photos? OH, you didn’t know?? oopps!

9. ‘Unfriend‘ made it into the Oxford American Dictionary .. but not even that, it was the WORD OF THE YEAR!! I always thought it was de-friend.. oh well ..

By now, you kn ow the routine, check TIME for the rest of the list.. This also goes with a story I was going to post yesterday with Spreading Sunshine (that I didn’t get to 🙁 ) from my boy @HailMaryJane:   Five reasons parents don’t belong on Facebook! I guess it was kismet that I didn’t! Half of the things I’ve read before, but they never get old. You never want your dirty laundry aired on Facebook. the funniest: finding out your parents got divorced! that’s just rude! Check the rest of his list over there

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