Fashion Friday: 1.08.10 : Fashion Clutch

Maybe the name Patricia Field isn’t a household name for you ( it definitely isn’t for me!) but you may have seen her purse in some released photos from the upcoming Sex and the City 2 move? maybe?

patricia field keith haring clutch
Well, Patricia Field for Keith Haring (*insert confused face*) has a line of limited edition plastic magazine clutches. I love them! I think they are soooo cute and fun and bright. What better way to dress up a dull work wardrobe!

Cost: 80 bucks
Hotness: 4 outta 5 stars


I had no idea who Keith Haring was (hence the inserted confused face), but my homegirl Tamiah hit me and let me know Keith Haring was an artist from the 80’s who created that look. He died in the 1990The crawling baby was his signature. See, we learn something new all the time! And I guess I could have Wikipedia’d him before posting, but learning this way was much more effective!

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