Spreading Sunshine: 1.6.10

It’s been awhile since I did Spreading Sunshine .. But I’m back like I never left!! On with the show!!!

I know, I know, enough with all the 2009 stuff already, but its just that so many people wrote some really cool lists.  And this is the first SS of 2010!! And I do enjoy lists ever so much. I make them all the time and never do a thing on them! So you, like me, must indulge in some of this hilarious (and true) lists!

All of these sites are firsts for me. And they all bought something worth sharing on my cherry popping experience with them. I will visit again, and you should too! Especially to number 3. I love seeing things from a male point of view.

1. The 12 Biggest Pop Culture fails of 2009. Believe it or not, Balloon Boy is pop culture! This list was great, and had good honorable mentions! Read It!

2. Resolutions for You, Me, & Them.
Because not only was it hilarious, it was so true! We can all rest now that we know that we aren’t alone in thinking 50 cent needs to step back. (or maybe that was just me?) Also noted here are resolutions for Lil’ Wayne : get a vasectomy. Quite humorous. Enjoy!

3. This one isn’t a list so much, but it was a fantastic read on how Sex is the ultimate compliment. You should be offended by someone who doesn’t want to have sex with you. I thought this piece was well written and entertaining!

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