All Grown up : Dakota Fanning

I’ve had these pics for a little over a week, but I just was so busy! I am sharing them now!

Look @ little Dakota Fanning! I can’t believe she is so old now! I was shocked when I saw her in the New Moon (Twilight Trilogy) movie! And even in Secret Life of Bee’s I couldn’t believe how tall and dangly she’d gotten. But these pics, for Italian Vogue, she is so big! Big as in grown up. I feel so old when I watch people grow up. I’m sure people feel the same way when they see me. You hear it all the time “Yeah, I remember when you were yay high” LOL?

Idk what is up with these Lourdes eyebrows, but I guess that’s Italian fashion.. She doesn’t even look like the cute little girl from Man on Fire in some of these pics.. but that is hollywood life for you!!

Very Penny Lane

And these shoes: HOT HOT HOT!!!!

Who can read Italian to say what brand those are? They are and then some! Need more info!

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