Surviving Valentine’s Day

So.. Valentine’s day is OVER!! Raise your hand if your single and survived it without suicidal thoughts! !*fist bump*

Hopefully all you lovers out there didn’t receive one of these gifts off yahoo’s Worst Valentine’s Gifts 2010 edition.  I can’t give the whole list, but some of the funnier ones1. A coupon for any kind of love?? As they said in the article “why withold the love??”

2. Self-Help Books – Nothing says I love you like “how to get overcome your past mistaks”

3. Romantic Facebook Gifts: It’s real love when he sends an E-ballon and flowers for all your friends to see… LOL

4. Cashmere toilet paper: uummm… who the hell really gave this gift? Where did you find it? Please avoid all bathroom gifts!

5. Office supplies– “my BF went to London and all i got was this stupid pen” yeah.. that would suck for Valentine’s day ..

Full List

I guess it is better to be single than have to deal with crappy gifts and half hearted Hallmark created holidays. It’s only really fun and good when the person is good to you all year and they take the time to go the EXTRA mile. Than can be a woman doing it for her man or vice versa. I’d rather just wait patiently.

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