Fashion Friday: 3.4.10 – Score for the Wallets!!

So, anyone who knows me knows that my two favorite things are sales .. and even bigger sales. I believe that anything is worth buying on sale and if you really want something you should try to find it for cheap. Only true emergencies call for full price purchases… Does this make me cheap or fiscally responsible? I’m still working that one out.

If you were to ever meet me (for those who haven’t) and perhaps tell me that “Oh, those shoes are cute!!” I might respond, “Yeess!! and I got them on sale @ _____ store” It’s a bad habit. I can’t help it and it won’t stop soon. What that also means is that I spend plenty of time hitting the pavement (aka the internets) searching for good deals. LoW and Behold! These hot promotional codes I found on for . HEAVEN! had these BOMB Guess boots I’d been eying for awhile, the Guess Buster boot…  AND several other boots I find myself pining over. I know its March and boot season is almost over, but I’m just so over my BCBGirls boots. I feel like I’ve over-worn them and need to move on AND now is the BEST time to buy boots. Out of season sales are THE best!

I was hoping they’d have the Nine West Ivonnie boot I tried on at Macy’s this weekend, but no such luck. Either way, these free coupons rock. I didn’t have to sign up for anything or even provide any information. I just clicked and BOMM coupons galore! Me + Sales and Discounts = perfect match. I kid you not. What I like more than sales? FREE … but no cute shoes ever came to me for free only ones from my grandmother.

This site is coming in handy for me since I have not one but TWO baby showers to go to next weekend. I need some Babies R’ Us coupons like YESTERDAY!! How dare my friends do this to me. Horrible. But makes it easy to search for all the different stores, and they even had a printable coupon I could take to the store. Love it.

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