Something Blue …

Today I have TWO myspace throwbacks for you.  One was a freestyle .. One was a writing prompt. I think I was a different person when I wrote these things. My thoughts don’t even flow like this these days.  I think I had a different focus back then. I also was surrounded by lots of creative people.

Here we go:

I was getting ready for work today and I had something in my head.. here is how it came out…

All right, I’m ready
my juices are flowing
creatively, I can
entice you
delight you
all around please
take you on a ride
like Coolio we’ll be
on fantastic voyage
hearts seeing places
our minds never imagined
cruising through mystical mirages
making magical memories
You and I can be
oh so sweet
dreamers dream days like this
fallacies fade away while
you examine my dichotomy
I told you baby
Everything’s real here with me
I’m your ultimate indulgence
why face reality?
Let’s tango to the beat
of my drum
sip some Jamaican rum
waltz across memories
of things you used to know
life begins anew once I’m through

Prompt: Write about a person who does everything “by the book”

Walking paradox
that’s me
with my
dotted tees
thinking I was wise
but all along
I was ill advised
following all the rules
yes, somewhere deep inside
i knew I was sold short
caged emotions
caged dreams
internally I was dead
had not known life
without limits
limit-less opportunity
fly with me
to a new destiny

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