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I like to get all my fashion and celebrity news in one spot. And when I’m not spending time on Dlisted laughing at people’s fashion choices.. I’m searching for a good site that can combine the two for me without being too blah. What do I then discover? Stylecaster.

This is important to me, because I don’t have as much time to get all my news links on Twitter (it really is like that sometimes..) so I need to quickly peruse while I’m at work and some sites are now blocked from my job ( 🙁 ) .  My guilty pleasure is Celebrity news and fashion. I enjoy my serious news and world news but sometimes you just need strict entertainment. Stylecaster has celebrity  news (like all the cute Academy Awards dresses that I missed *bbm sad face*) and they also have just straight out Fashion Industry News (like that Solange & Zooey are the new faces of Rimmel London).

Do you know what I also found out on stylecaster? Gossip Girl returns tonight! I have missed this show so much. I don’t have much time for TV, but I NEEEEDDD my guilty pleasure of upper echelon NY teeny boppers. I need it! It makes me feel like I belong!

Also feel free to check out We are the Market for more fashion news.

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