Spreading Sunshine 3.2.10 : Dating is for the Birds!!

Today’s long-awaited (haha) Spreading Sunshine is dedicated to dating! Why all the dating posts? Because some of the stuff that I’ve encountered as a newly single twenty-something has me confused. And apparently I’m not alone. Me and my homegirl TB were just gchatting away about guys (and maybe this is just NJ guys) and their lack of dating etiquette. TB made a good point that its time to get back to basics. People somehow think that dating is either an exclusive relationship or a Friends with benefit relationship. NO!! Dating is dating. Going out and having a good time, not chilling in the house! And it doesn’t necessarily include hooking up! A girl doesn’t want to have to explain this. All we girls want is to go out, laugh, and have a good time. We can do fun (FREE) stuff. NOt every date has to be an all-star event. But that’s not to say we don’t want to get dressed up and cute. I have been DYING to wear this cute outfit I have in my closet. It’s a PERFECT date outfit. But unfortunately, no luck yet. Is it asking too much to have a guy give me a reason to get all dressed up? It would be nice for him to call me, YES CALL, me and say “get dressed I’m picking you up” and then we have a night on the town. I miss those days. And I shouldn’t miss them, I’m barely 25 for Christs Sake!!

Here are the links for this topic:

Don’t Text Me No Mo’!! UGH. It’s called communication people. We’re not tweens who are in class all day. Call Me. Plain and Simple. You can get to know me a lot quicker and better by dialing me up.

Why are you still single? The Married guy is breaking down what should be done with your time in singledom. I agree with some and not others. I do think you need to learn how to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with someone else. Saying that volunteering is going to lead to a successful relationship… not totally seeing that correlation.

18 Things not to do .. This is for when you finally have a guy who does ALL the dating steps right and you decide to invite him over for some ‘Wham Bam’ he needs to heed these tidbits of advice. Dear Sirs, if you’re reading. Please pay close attention to #s: 4, 7, 8, 10 and 17. ESPECCIIAALLLY 17.


Article that’s good for reading about Enjoying Dating (thanks to TB!!!) From Essence, titled: Stop Stressing Marriage and Enjoy Dating (or something like that)

3 thoughts on “Spreading Sunshine 3.2.10 : Dating is for the Birds!!

  • Tamiah

    HAHAHAHAH! I love it. I should add that us women need to step it up too. Dating should be about building your confidence while getting to know other people and enjoying life (too many places to see and things to do). We need to say what we want and mean what we say. Don’t say today you want to “just date” when you know deep down you really want a exclusive relationship like yesterday. We need to change the game so the ball is in our court. The men are in the lead and messing everything up. lol back to the basics.

  • Half of that Essence article was depressing, I gotta move cities and change who I am just to find a man? Barred…and that sex yourself up thing is side-eye worthy as well. You don’t have to look sexy to be sexy. I say all this remembering “dating” and I will say that I agree, have a straight guy friend. WEALTH of knowledge…that and forget marriage, I wouldn’t continue dating someone I wouldn’t marry, but just because I would marry you doesn’t mean I want to (especially not right now). If that makes sense. I think the best dating advice anyone could be is: BE CONFIDENT, BE YOURSELF, HAVE FUN. Whatever that means to you, do it…men’ll come.
    .-= Jess´s last blog ..Don’t text me no mo’ =-.

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