Sex Ed is necessary. . . .Just leave out the sex

i.) Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny are all neighbors. . . And Cupid is the devil!!!

Good morrow to you good folks of cyber-space.  The Man in the Moon is back with some food for thought.  Did you bring the juice?  You cheap b&st&rd.  Go make some Kool-Aid.  Red.

While going through my daily internet probing (blogs, emails, FB, etc.), I came across this article on Yahoo! News (link).

Summary:  Wisconson “D.A. Scott Southworth last month sent a letter to area school districts warning that health teachers who tell students how to put on a condom or take birth-control pills could face criminal charges. The warning has left many teachers, school administrators and parents flabbergasted.”

I love that word – Flabbergasted.  It’s like the ideal word for befuddled.

Does anyone else see the fundamental flaws with keeping the sex out of sex-education?  (other than the obvious)

Absinance only sex-ed means the children will never learn about sex.  And how do you expect little Jimmy to carry on the family legacy?  Unless you know a stork that I’ve never met. . . .

What I’ve learned about the education system in this country is that K-12 is a general education in which you learn most of the things you will need to be an asset and not a burden to society.  They include math, a basic understanding of science, and how to talk good and read some things good, too.  So if this stage of education is responsible for the fundamentals, isn’t sex one of these things?  Shouldn’t pre-collegiate education include the basic explanation of reproduction?

I mean when the hell else are they supposed to learn about sex?  Not in college. . . well, not sober in college anyway . . . .

Oh yeah, from television and Skin-e-max.  Wait, you don’t want them to watch that?

What about Twilight books? No? Fair enough.

So when are you going to have the conversation with them?  You’re going to avoid it as long as possible?  Now that’s responsible parenting. . . .

“Dear parents, you can’t shield your children from reality forever.  At some point they’ll have to meet me and the longer you wait to introduce them to me, the worse off they will be.  Truly yours, Reality”

Children can handle information if you give it to them and trust that they will ask you questions if they are uncertain.  And know that if you don’t teach them, someone else will.  Not someone responsible like a teacher, but their friends older sibling who knows as much as your kid, but is an icon in their pre-pubescent eyes.  Or even worse, their “internet friend”, you know, the one that they are going to meet up with behind your back because they have so much in common. . . . .

And for my main point, weren’t these politicians children at some point?  How did they learn about these things?  Maybe not from school, but the curiosity would not have been nearly as strong as it is today.  Sex is EVERYWHERE.  Have you watched a Disney movie lately?  You can’t shield your children from these things without locking them in a blank room with no input other than your voice and a few episodes of WonderPets on carefully filtered DVD’s.

They think old.  They seem not to realize that society has changed drastically from just 20 years ago (1990, yeah, don’t you feel old. . . ). Information is at your fingertips through every medium.  I mean, I knew McNabb got traded before Jason Campbell.  They’re going to learn about these things eventually and the more taboo a subject is, the more they’re going to want to do it.

Destroy the mystery of sex for kids, have the conversation, and watch how much more responsible they’ll be.

So CleoSunshine readers, what do you think?  Let your love come down. . . .

4 thoughts on “Sex Ed is necessary. . . .Just leave out the sex

  • Mas

    girl, I had sex education in School. They called it Health Class though, and my mom’s had to sign a permission slip. since she’s latin, she barely understood what she was reading so I told her it was about health. I didn’t know it involved learning about all the fucking STDs you can catch while fuckin’ shiiiit, had me a virgin till I almost got out of High School. craziest shit I ever saw on them slides were the Syphyllis slides where people who didn’t get treated had little Jimmy just slough right off. Ouch, now that had to hurt, and it scared the living shit out of me. been using condoms ever since, and I never leave home without one. if I ever end up with a girl who’s hot for me to bang her one some one-night-stand type deal and neither, well, ACTUALLY, I dont’ have a condom, because I can’t trust women with their condoms…then I’m done, no sex for me tonight, :D….

    so Yeah, sex education is needed in school. my mom never told me about sex, but I dont’ have kids and I don’t have any STDs so I’m good, 😀

  • onebaddboo

    I am a VERY firm believer in teaching some form of sex ed in HIGH schools. Let’s make it optional, like drivers ed. Or make it brief, like Black History Month. Either way, I think teenagers should know that they can catch an STD before they turn 18 and that they can get AIDS even if they already have Herpes (two assumptions made by 8th grade students in a friends class).

    I think people get all wrapped up in thinking that if we teach our kids how to have safe sex, then they will go out and actually do it. This can be true, but what also may happen is we would have a smaller rate of teen pregnancies and the spreading of STDs. People need to really weight the pros and cons of sex ed and understand that the motto “Knowledge is Power” applies even to sex education.

    Great article! And Disney is as perverted as Skin-a-max!! LOLOL

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