Tick Tock, The Body Rock

I really wanted to share this BBM conversation. BBM is short for BlackBerry Messenger (in case you’re NOT in the know)  This application is the sole reason young people are flocking to the Blackberry  lately, IMO. Anywho, this conversation was had between a former college classmate and myself. We’re both mid-twenty somethings and pretty amusing if I do say so myself. I think the convo started from a comment on someone’s BBM status message, and then it developed a mind of its own. **names have been edited for security reasons**

A: Me & boo boskie split b4 new years
A:   : *dueces* were chucked
B: Dam. Son that’s life. Ppl not makin the cut for 2010. Apps r in heavy rotation. Don’t call me. Ill call uuuuu! Lol
A: Lol yup yup
A: Suckas need not apply
B: Yea min experience is 3 yrs of commitment. And start investing in that 401k(arat) plan is a requiremnt after 1 full year of the signed contract. Company is progressively growing at an alarming rate and we need not waste time investing in non potential co-executive CEO’s.  Thank u!
A: Llmmmaaaoooo
A: Hilarious
B: But tru.
A: Very true
A: These dudes out here aint ready for a good woman though
A: They busy bs’ing
B: I knooooo. And the f’d up part about it is that we have a biological clock to attend too. Like wtf! If were not atleast close to engagment by 30 them its a wrap. Our time diminshes greatly.
A: I kknnooww :'(
A: As I approach my quarter century bday in 3 mths its all i can think of
A: Fuk this clock
A:  I’m late for everything anyway lol
B: Lmfao!!!!! Yooooo ur wild!!!! That was a good one

My FAVE parts of this convo were the application requirments and the idea that we have a clock to attend to. Whenever I read back on this convo, I crack up. I won’t say which one is me though. I can’t incriminate myself. I just can’t!

I think Dubb touched on this today that many women are surrendering their feminine qualities in lieu of masculinity and success in the workforce and their issues with submitting. (Check it HERE)  Many women are ignoring their ‘biological’ clock to pay attention to the ladder they need to climb. I believe that while it shouldn’t be your sole focus in life, it shouldn’t be completely discarded. Balance. I want to have a succesful career, but at the same time I want to be a stay at home mom for maybe the first 5 years. Or work but part-time or on a per diem basis. What’s so wrong with that? I’m not living in fear that my job (or any job) won’t be there. I plan (HOPE) to have my work speak for itself. I guess this would be different if I was, for arguments sake, someone in an entry-level position for my job. But that’s the thing, I don’t want just a JOB. I’d much prefer a career. Just like I’d much rather prefer a family to none. A real family though. Dinner is served at 7pm and I made it all from scratch boo, so let’s eat together and discuss our day. Is that too much? Does this exist? Do guys even want this anymore? I told my grandfather I wanted to meet a guy, fall in love, and get married and have babies. I said I want to meet a man who’s as into me as I am to him. He pretty much said “Get real, it doesn’t happen that way” #crusheddreams.

5 thoughts on “Tick Tock, The Body Rock

  • It doesn’t happen that way?!?!?! That’s crushing for real! That’s all I want too…just a man who appreciates the care I give, and who puts family above all else like I do. I almost don’t want to be affiliated with marriage because the word has been so drug through the mud…but The Guy says we define our own marriage. So…do what Carrie says, Write your own rules 🙂 I whole-heartedly believe in the exception!
    .-= Jess´s last blog ..Submit =-.

  • Man in the Moon

    I think you G-pa got this one right. . . .

    Every woman I’ve talked to about this has the same ideal as you: Work, get married to Prince Charming, get pregnant, leave job/career (for a few years), have baby, stay at home and raise baby. . .

    Does no one see what’s wrong with that? there are so few guys with the financial ability to sustain a family on their own for a few months, let alone years, that the chances on finding one that will be faithful are as bad as me catching the winning touchdown in the Superbowl . . . .notgonnahappen

    I don’t mean to $#!& on your dreams, but in these horrible economic times, the guys who in fact got it “going on” are “putting it on” every chick they can, well, cause they can. If they see security in him and he knows it, he’s going to exploit it. . .

    And do you honestly thing a year is enough time to know a person well enough to spend the rest of your life with them? You can’t pick up all of a person’s habits in 365 (maybe 366) days because you’re not around them all the time. Dude could have all types of things wrong with him and you wouldn’t know before you commit to marrying him because you only saw him every 3 days.

    People in general are going to have to “broaden their search” criteria because your soulmate may not be your ideal mate. . . .

  • Cleo

    Its true Lori, they don’t. At least not until they are older and the idea of “carrying on their name” comes up. I don’t think it helps that men have to put little to no effort into getting laid these days. Girls are desperate for companionship and taking whatever is being offered!

  • onebaddboo

    ” Your soul mate may not be your ideal mate” Man on the Moon.

    I love that line. It pretty much sums up what we’re all feeling. Clearly we’re all slightly fed up because we haven’t found Prince Charming/ Queen B.

    I haven’t started thinking about my biological clock until my MOM told me I’m getting old and “not to have kids when you’re 50… hell, you’re halfway there!!” Really Mom?!?! If, as you’re grandpa said “it doesn’t happen that way”, how the hell DOES it happen???

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