‘Yeezy’s BACK!!!

FYI: I adore Kanye West.

 808’s & Heartbreak no matter what you say is a GREAT album. He is showing some harcore emotions on that LP ..

Anywho, ‘Ye is back with his new track, ‘POWER‘ .. I dig it .. but why would I not? I don’t have a audio player plug-in so you’ll have to head over HERE to Nah’ Right to check it out…

I can’t wait  for his new project to come out. I don’t like to listen to each track as the ‘leak” ..I like to wait for the full experience. I know he would ‘Never let me down’ lol..

Word on the street is that Kanye & Amber broke up and he paid her some $$$ for her silence (aka a GAG order). Well, at least he rather pay up now than have his business in the street. I’m just mad that girls are gonna be trying to use that as the new come up. . . (you know its true … every body wants to be the next SuperHead)

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