If not now, then when?

The other day I sent WK an email that simply said ‘ Pick a number between 1 – 50’. I didn’t tell her what it was for and when she would know the result. She picked 32. (I love that I have a friend who doesn’t question when I ask her something completly random and maybe nonsensical before answering). After she answered she asked me what this was for.. It was because I came across this site doing the blog stroll one day http://www.marcandangel.com/2009/07/13/50-questions-that-will-free-your-mind/ and I really wanted to write for one but couldn’t just pick one .. and I pick my own random number and don’t like it .. well I’ll just switch it lol ..

So #32 – If not now, then when?

OMG she could NOT have picked a better number. Why do you ask? Just days before I asked her this I was offered a new job position with a different company. This was HUGE news because I have been DYING for a new position in work – either at my same office or a different office. As much as I do enjoy working at my current (well actually former) job I did feel it was necessary to leave. To take a step into the unknown. So yes, the question to myself as I struggled with leaving this place was If not now, then when ? Great job WK. GREAT!!!

Do you know I worked at my current job starting as a Work Study student my freshmen year of college. When I graduated I accepted a full time job there even though it wasn’t in line with my major (Journalism & Media Studies with an English minor). Jobs were scares then as well (2007) and I took it. Three years later I still don’t see the potential for growth and I felt completely taken for granted and not appreciated. I also felt I couldn’t reach my full potential there. I mean, dammit I’m brilliant. Someone just needs to realize it besides me.

The biggest news here is that I have a new job, which I’m hoping will leave more time for blogging (especially once I get the iPad of my dreams). I’m extremely nervous yet exciting. In the words of Man in the Moon “I’m a clusterfuck of emotions.”  But if I don’t feel this now, then when? When is change not scary? Is it possible for change to NOT be scary? What if I suck? I pray that I don’t suck. The only things I do and suck at are sports …

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