Money over Friendship?

Money and blood don’t mix like two dicks and no bitch
Find yourself in serious shit

Big didn’t say anything new in this line from his song Ten Crack Commandments but it is the truth! Money, friends, and family do NOT mix! Trust me as I am severing a friendship over money. It’s a sad thing too, we’ve been friends since elementary school. If a friend tries to make you feel like you’re less of a friend because you won’t lend them money, add them onto your cell phone account, or any other account please believe that person is not a friend. Why does me offering you money and/or a service make me a better friend? Am I less of a friend if I say no?If my decision to not lend you money is going to offend you. All I got to say is two fingers! *deuces*

It’s not just money either. I lent a friend a book before and she lost it. No biggie. I lent her my new bottle of nail polish and she lost it. She offered to give me money for the items, but it soured how I looked at her. Because honestly,and this is probably just me, I’m not going to take that money and rebuy the book or the nail polish. But now I’m mad because you’ve just broken my series. I’ll always be missing one. Tough things these friendships are. Grandfather says there is no such thing as friends. or love. But that’s a whole different day.

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