My new TV crush: Das

Because I’m a food network geek I have been eagerly anticipating the premiere of Next Food Network Star. And boy oh boy was it a good premiere.. mostly due to the eye candy that is Darrell , aka Das .. YUM-O!

So I of course had to learn more about him. (you know, so when I casually bump into him on the streets of LA while I’m there for grad school) and I had to find the important things:

He’s 28 and lives in LA. and he was trained in the culinary arts at Atlanta Technical Insitute.

Favorite books: Rich Dad, Poor Dad (Robert T. Kiyosaki), The Coldest Winter Ever (Sista Soulja) and Food Lover’s Companion (Sharon Tyler Herbst and Rob Herbst)  — well whaddaya know. I too enjoyed Coldest Winter Ever. We have a starting point of discussion. GREAT!

Favorite movies: The Five Heartbeats and The Count of Monte Cristo — Now, being the girl I am, OF course I have seen the Five Heartbeats so this is yet another focal point for our convo .. isn’t the Count of Monte Crisco a book as well? Well I can ask him that too.

And when he’s not trying to get his own show he teaches in the culinary program at Beverly Hills High School. My heart is swooning. He has the patience to work with teens. *faints* These are some qualities I’m looking for in the man of my dreams.

Sad news: He said he has a girlfriend. So he can’t be the object of my affection. But I still wish you well Das.

 I wish there were more pics on the interwebs of him .. but for now we work with what we got!

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