A few of my Favorite things

Lately I’ve been trying lots and lots of new make-up items. And some I’ve loved and some I’ve only barely liked. So here are a few of my New favorite things because why would I tell you about the things I didn’t like? You can find most (if not ALL) of these things at your local Sephora. And definitely sign up for the Sephora Beauty Insider to earn free things. Life’s so much better with free things.

Stila Smudgestick eyeliner in Peacock :: Oh my gooodness this color prevails on all! I wear it and so does my friend of a darker complexion, and it looks good on both of us. A+ Stila. And its $20 bucks at Sephora. I might like this better than Lancome’s Black Lapiz. Maybe ;/It goes great with anything. If you like to keep it casual in neutral color clothing, this will add instant jazz to that outfit. Or if you like neutral eyeshadow shades (I usually wear gold) this is great to line with.

Nars EyeShadow base :: I never thought of using a base/primer until I got this sample. Even then I debated on using it. But I got tired of days when my eyeshadow would cake into the creases of my eyes. No bueno. This is just a little tiny brush and you swipe the eyelid. (or at least that’s what I did since it didn’t really come with instructions). It gives great long lasting eyeshadow.

Lancome Cils Booster XL+ Clinique Lash Doubling  mascara :: I have short thin eyelashes and mascara can help them look thicker. But THIS combo gives me LASHES!! Total adoration for this. I’m giving up Maybelline great lash. More $$ but well worth it. I’ve tried many mascara’s but this one takes the cake. I’ve been instructed by Diq to try the Lancome HYPNOSE Drama mascara… but this works so well I don’t want to find something better. More money than my old Maybelline, but definitely well worth it.

And last but definitely not least —

Nars Stylo :: I’ve had this for awhile and man, I totally love this as eyeliner. It goes on quick and easy and stays all day. On days I want an EXTRA dramatic eye, I use the Clinique very black pencil as a base liner and lay the Nars stylo over it. BOOM dark eyes that last aaaallllll day, no fade. (Thanks Diq for the tip!!) One day I was at the Nars counter in Nordstrom and the nice young gentleman told me that tip is reversible, after I told him that I think it was time for a new one because it wasn’t going on AS dark. So I promptly went home and flipped it. Got some all over my hands, but who cares, it was just like new!My friend Diq is like my make-up consultant. She spent many years working for Clinique and is always giving me tips and hints. But if it was up to her my whole makeup/beauty regime would consist of only clinique products. At least she’s brand loyal.  I now spend way too much money at Clinique. Macy’s loves me for it though 🙂

If you can’t try ANY of these by way of FREE sample (as I did) I highly recommend you do so! PRONTO

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