Can I talk to you for a minute?

Everyone says they want to meet that nice guy / girl that they can take home to meet mama … And this may be true, and all this dating tom-foolery is just a means to get to the end result. However some people you meet may be  . full of shit  . .for a nice term.  Usually a person who falls into this category will reveal themselves in their approach. It can be easy to miss the signs or it can be obvious. You have to be wise enough to know and be able to shut it down. Trust me. You’ll be better in the end..

One of my pet peeves is this :: You are approached by a guy. And he asks or hints if you have someone special in your life. You say yes (whether this is true or not doesn’t matter) and he hits you with some of these lines ::

1. I’d still like to keep in touch with you..
2. Your man doesn’t let you have friends?
3. I just want to get to know you..

What kind of scalawag do you take me for nword? Sometimes they don’t even stop there. They continue with the infamous line :

‘Does he make you happy?’

What the fuck! If I was the kind of girl who wanted to fuck around on my Boyfriend, I would have said NO I don’t have one.  When a guy hits me with any of the above his intentions are immediately clear- you just wanna smash. I’m sorry kind sir, I’m not the good-time girl you’re looking for..

Immediately I’m turned off to this approach by guys and NOTHING you can say can convince me to give you a way to contact me. No you cannot have my BBM pin number, nor can you add me as a friend on Facebook. What you can do for me is drive off a bridge. Get some respect. I blame the girls that fall for this for the reason it perpetuates.

This post was inspired by the gentleman who approached me in the waiting area for the train the other day after a long day. (btw commuting is tiring). I happened to be sitting there, typing up something in my Blackberry while listening to music in my headphones. This person sat next to me for a few minutes before tapping me on my shoulder. Um, do you NOT see my headphones? Not only was I not interested, I just was in a bad mood. After I said I had a boyfriend, the conversation proceeded as this:

“How long you been together?”

Me: A few years.

Him: Oh why ya’ll don’t live live together?

Me: Um, it aint for everybody.

him: I’d like to keep in touch with you.

me: o_O. No, thats not appropriate.

Thankfully my train approached at that precise moment. I walked quickly to a seat next to someone else. Leave me be.

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