don’t fall victim

This is something I typed on my BlackBerry and emailed to myself. I do write, it just sometimes gets lost in the sauce of things in my email. I’m trying to set it up where I can just email in a post, because the WordPress for Blackberry app wasn’t doing it for me … anywho ..

There are people in the world who like to try to tap holes into your wall of security so that they may prey on those newly formed insecurity pockets… I kid you not. Now, this can be in work, relationships or even friendships. For example… I’m pretty happy in general with my life, its not perfect nor is it problem free, but I happen to love it,  flaws and all.

Enter old-flame. (If you want to even call it that)

And you share with this old flame that you’ve moved on. Are happy with your current situation. They begin to say, ‘how do you know you can trust him?’ ‘How long have we known each other?’ All these things to try and make you second guess your decisions. Or you have the co-worker from a different department who likes to talk smack about your department and your boss. To make you question who you should be reporting to (or making allegiences with).

People enjoy creating messes in others lives no matter how unintentionally. And sometimes we fall victim to it. I refuse. Call me naïve, call me dense, call me stupid. I’m perfectly happy living my life without the B.S.

Does this mean I’m ignorant to what’s out there? No.. I know that bad things and people lurk behind every corner, some devils come in sheep skin. Its just easier to awknowledge it and move on vs dwelling on it.

Someone had on their facebook status about how to tell if someone is really a friend. It said to share good news with them and watch their immediate reaction. True story, a real friend is gonna be happy for you no matter what their situation. Trust me. And the vultures will seek their opportunity to make you feel bad or guilty. Family included.

One thought on “don’t fall victim

  • Is everyone having this revelation this week?!?! My old Pastor said, (and I believe it) “My friends don’t call me like they used to since I laid my burdens down.” When you decide to live a happy life with little-to-no drama people don’t want to be bothered with you, I say GOOD riddance. Live happy, and keep the drama out of your life.

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