Rachel Roy Shoes (x2)

Taking a casual Sunday stroll through the Macy’s shoe department I spotted these sexy black pump

s. The first thing I said when I saw this shoe was “I want to have sex in this shoe.” I know that’s a little graphic and all but this shoe EXUDES sex to me. Look at that sexy lace up detail that you only get on the back. The front is just a plain black pump. Doesn’t it get you in a sexy mood?Rachel Roy has definitely made me a fan with the Kaytee shoe.  It’s the perfect hint of hidden naughtiness that I love. This shoe is SOOO me because I have a little hint of naughtiness in me.

The specifics: 4 3/4 inch heel 1 inch platform with synthetic material. (not real leather 🙁 ) In case you’re new to this, I LOVE platforms. Absolute must have, hidden or exposed. Kaytee only comes in black. And its only $99 dollars. Score one for me with my Macy’s coupon at home too! AWESOME!

Next to Kaytee on the rack was Kimi (I feel like I’m adding names to the Kardashian clan lol) who is FAB as well . Kimi is a glitter pump with a studded heel detail .. Kimi rocks because of the shimmer she has. It’s kind of cool because you ca

n’t place where its coming from. She is a different kind of sexy to And then she has this studded heel. Sexy Sexi Sessi!!! Same specs as Kaytee (heel height and platform)  but Kimi comes in pewter as well. When I see Kimi I think of Single White Female, where she takes the heel and jams it in the guys eye … because of the studs… IDK ..

Me and my homegirl decided that she’ll buy Kimi (she loves her more) and I’ll buy Kaytee (my true shoe love) and then we can have both shoes available to us at anytime. #noshame. That’s the plus of being of similar size to your friends. I’m so excited for fall shoes. In case you haven’t noticed my shoe posts (well all post in general) have been lacking due to lack of inspiration. But fall shoes bring a certain amount of excitement. I told my friend the other day, summer shoes are like cheap

throwaways. Meant to only last one season. Fall and Winter shoes are an investment. Boots are to last for years. Just my philosophy.

I can’t wait to keep you all posted all the hot fall/winter finds. Oh and coats. I need a new coat so I’ll be looking around!

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