I love Gold baby!

One thing I happen to love is nail polish!

I don’t know when it came over me, but I do now. I’ve even taken my own nail polish with me to get manicures. My latest find: O.P.I Only Gold For Me top coat. When I first saw it in Sephora, I wasn’t sure how I’d like it. but then I put a coat on over my electric blue nail polish and LOVED it. I immediately knew I wanted to go home and apply it over O.P.I’s Black Onyx polish I had. The results:

Here they are 2 days later, slightly chipped, but not as chipped as they usually are after 2 days.

I’m sold. I even did my toes to match.

I think this color is going to rock out for the next few weeks. And I NEVER wear red nail polish, but I’m imaginging this over red nails for the office holiday party.

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