Is 1 the loneliest number?

Today I was reminded of just how much I enjoy my own company. I spend a lot of time with friends (and lovers) and just running about that I don’t get a lot of ME time. Some days I get home from work with just enough time to get ready for work the next day. But today I spent the whole day, alone. I slept until about 1pm (the result of coming home at 5:00 am from a night in NYC) and then I caught up on all the TV I’d been missing (I really dig this new cbs show with Jerry O’Connell and the guy from According to Jim) and I just was. I sat around in my sweatpants, ate leftover diner food, a pb&j and a lean cuisine and drank lots of water. I bbm’ed and aim’ed a few people, but ultimately I was able to be with ME. I missed ME. I just missed the ability to think about any and everything or nothing at all.

That’s the best thing about being alone and living alone that I miss, the ability to really enjoy my own company. Sometimes when you have someone around (roommate) you tend to just ramble your thoughts and days events to them versus thinking them over and marinating with them. I enjoy it. I didn’t always enjoy me time. There was a point in time that I always wanted to be around friends and I’ll call up a friend to go to a drive thru with me or to run tedious errangs with me. I think back on that time and maybe it was my youthful naivete or maybe I just wasn’t comfortable with myself yet. I remember the first time I went an ate at a diner alone, not takeout, it was news. Not only did I sit alone and eat  i wasn’t on my cellphone the whole time. Magnificent! Maybe I got the idea from watching SATC, seeing Carrie able to be in her own company sometimes. just her and a stack of Vogue magazines on a saturday afternoon. Whatever it is, I enjoy it!

To quote the great Aristotle ” Happiness depends upon ourselves” – taken from my storage of quotes in the wonderful Blackberry!

2 thoughts on “Is 1 the loneliest number?

  • onebaddboo

    “Me time” = amazing, but I think what makes it amazing is having it in smaller dosages, in between enjoying life with friends, family, and lovers of course! It allows you to reflect on life and love and being, simply being.

    I try to go for one day a week of it…kinda like SATC2 I guess but without the formality LOL

  • Cleo

    Agreed. Me time is perfect as a way to decompress and appreciate all the good ( and the bad ) in your life. I don’t always take advantage of me time, sometimes I’m just sitting on my couch on the laptop, and not reveling in ME..and that’s ok too lol

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