The Daddy Issue

This has been a topic of discussion for awhile that has been brought back to life by a blog I read.

Is it OK to call a man  Daddy?

The author of the blog (a man who has said some pretty shitty stuff about women on his blog and twitter, but that’s another day)  writes, “Being called Daddy by a woman is the ultimate form of flattery and respect in a relationship.  Just as the term you ain’t my daddy one of the worst things a man can hear in his relationship.” First off, can I say that every time I read a line like ” Hey daddy, can I get you something” I do it with a high pitched hoodrat voice. don’t ask. Don’t tell. Anywho..

Now, I cannot say I agree with this quote because for me, that’s NOT the ultimate form of flattery. I’ve never given much thought to forms of flattery but when I have daddy hasn’t come up. I have listened to songs by Teedra Moses (whom I love) where she says “oohh KatDaddy” and I think aaww I wanna say that .. but it just never has happened for me. Does it creep me out, no .. but I can’t say I’m looking for an opportunity to call a man daddy.  It’s not because “I have a DAD and you ain’t him”. And I’d never say in an argument, “You ain’t my daddy” because ain’t isn’t a word and  the bigger reason is that’s a relationship where one person is trying to control the other person and I probably would avoid that relationship. But does daddy make a man go crazy during sex? Is this something I’d have to try? IDK .. daddy just doesn’t roll off my tongue…

And I might be weirded out by a guy who insists on being called  Daddy .. creepy.

What is your take on this issue?

2 thoughts on “The Daddy Issue

  • I’ll step up and say that I totally did NOT get it; however for a guy-I kinda do. I don’t find it creepy but I also don’t see how its the “ultimate form of flattery”. I’ll say that I’ve found guys do enjoy it, but I wouldn’t throw it around for just any old fool…save that for the man u want to put a ring on your finger 🙂

  • YourEx

    Being called daddy wouldn’t sit right with me. I feel like it is cheap, immature, and chuck full of issues. ::sb:: I always make it a high-pitched hoodrat voice too.

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