Moving Forward…

I’m all over the place in case you guys don’t know. At any given time I can think of several different goals/tasks I’d like to accomplish but finding the time to address all of them is H.A.R.D. So, one thing I want to do is spend less time being idle, you know sitting around watching things you aren’t interested in on TV. How do I accomplish this?

1. Canceling cable. Shocking Right? A mid-twenties girl with no cable. This decision was sparked by first thinking of expenses I could scale back on and then the idea that I can really watch almost anything online. A larger factor was that I’m rarely home as is and I DVR everything and with the addition of graduate school I will have even less time, so why tempt myself. This weekend I’m taking Comcast back their boxes and making the switch. Oh and I also signed up for Netflix because not only can I watch whole seasons of shows, I can stream to my laptop.

2. Spend more quality time with people. I think I’m going to try to spend at least 1 day a month with friends/family. So one friday might be spent with my bff Q and another weekend I might spend Sunday with Granny. I will make a more conscious effort to invest in my friendships and relationships.

3. Enjoy personal time. I enjoy the time I spend alone, even if its just painting my nails or getting ready for work (when I’m not rushing ).

4. Know what’s worth agonizing over. If you can’t fix/change it, don’t stress it.

5. Care less about peoples opinions about me. The person I ultimately wish to please is ME. Do what you do for YOU and no one else. Lately I’ve encountered a person in my life who I want to refer to as a “Negative Nelly” nothing I Say or do is ever sufficient. When I told said person about my graduate school plans they proceeded to tell me this was the wrong field and told me of where the real $ was and that I was wasting my time. Because I asked your opinion? When I told them of my desire to lose weight, everything I did was not enough. A lean cuisine was too fatty of a lunch. They even one time tried to harp on me about the use of a word, which was used correctly. This person always constantly relates to their own worth in terms of money and what they can buy. Eventually when this person would go on tangents I just began to say “ok” and “mmhmm” because you can’t argue with a fool. From afar people can’t tell who the fool is. But I also realized I gave them this power over me. Stop telling them stuff. If everything you do they offer nothing positive or constructive criticism, why did I continue to tell them stuff? Lesson learned. Not to say its easy, but I know I’ll save myself more stress in the end.

2 thoughts on “Moving Forward…

  • Recently, I’ve decided to discontinue cable service because I’m rarely home to see what’s on TV. While I’ll probably re-establish a basic package, as of right now, I’m perfectly content. And as you mentioned, there’s Netflix, Blockbuster, and HULU. I’ve also found a website where “The Game” is viewed online. To me, that’s a win!

    And there’s always going to be someone who never thinks you’re good enough or anything that youplan to do won’t ever be accomplished. Ultimately, as long as YOU believe in yourself, the negative commentary from the spectators is null and void.

  • Cleo

    Exactly. Naysay’ers should be ignored. If you don’t give them power they are just words.

    I’ve been training myself until I return the cable boxes. Today I stayed in and abused the “watch instantly” Netflix feature! lol

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