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I’ve come to the realization that I don’t spend nearly as much time these days on the internet at home, which means less posts. And honestly, that makes ME very sad. So I reinstalled the WordPress for Blackberry app, even though I thought it sucked because it slowed BB down immensely. But I have to blog. I need to blog! So here’s my latest rambling ..

Lately I’ve been thinking about the concept of being good in bed.. Am I the only one who thinks of things like this? What does it mean to be good in bed-for a woman? Asking different guys can get you a multitude of different answers and every issue of Cosmopolitan magazine has a trick that contradicts what they taught you to do last month. It’s not like our moms sit us down and tell us how to blow a mans mind.

In reality all the tricks and tips we have learned are courtesy of lovers past and truth be told what Jimmy likes Bobby may hate, so what the hell is a girl to do?!?

But how do you KNOW you’ve just given some guy the greatest experience of his (life) week…is it because he comes back to do it again? Noo.. Because guys sometimes do it because its convenient, they are masters of lazy and will do things because they can. Is it because he told you? Hhmm.. In the words of my dude Jay-Z “Men lie. Women lie.” And how many times have we had a less than stellar lover and didn’t tell him but we still did it (him) again?

So, I asked a guy friend and a girl friend this question simultaneously. He said, “enthusiasm, willingness to please, open minded, and good old fashioned good vag (a whole different blog entry)”

And she said ” enthusiasm and technique”

So we have a recurring them here: enthusiasm .. I can say I’ve heard that before so its no shock. Its always pleasing to know the person actually wants to be there. I wonder if this is why some people can become bored with monogamy, the enthusiasm dies and sex just becomes “oh great, another night with this —” because the other will be “oh god, we gotta have sex tonight” you gotta keep it spicy in a relationship.. Not even in the trying new things, but just showing you actually want it (the sex). I also think that too many women equate size with greatness. UM. NO .. That is all for now.

Signing off, dr. Cleo, inquisitor of bedroom-ology.

2 thoughts on “bedroom-ology questions

  • onebaddboo

    Yea. I think its important to WANT to be intimate, showing “enthusiasm”… Especially in a long-term relationship. I think that’s how you know…. everyone can “go through the motions” but rarely will people be over the top “I cant wait to become Siamese” if you aren’t good in bed to them. LOL

  • “Every time you moan I pay close attention.” Ludacris

    That is how you measure a person’s bedroom skill. If a person can hear the things a parter is NOT saying and able to interpret them the right way and capitalize on the pleasure, that makes a good bedroom buddy.

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