Destination Inspiration

The other day I spent most of the day perusing @jessdubb ‘s tumblr. And I saved sooo many different quotes and photos I felt inspired by. I’ve been a self proclaimed quote whore for many years now…

Yesterday I got the ultimate compliment from a close friend. We spend a sufficient amount of time together and yesterday we were doing one of our favorite Sunday activities: browsing the mall and having a delicious lunch. We talked about typical life stuff and I was feeling very “I can change my life and accomplish anything” having just finished The Travelers Gift. I kept sharing quotes I’d saved from jess’s tumblr and then I pulled out the book and let her read some. We had some good conversation about just our goals and how we want to change things. Later when we got home she sent me the following bbm:
“I had a good day friend. Very positive and motivating. Thank you.” For me, that was THE ultimate compliment. To bring someone else motivation through sharing things I’m passionate about.

So here are a few of the images I hijacked , after all sharing IS caring.

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