Old but still relevant

Found this one I typed up way earlier in the summer on my BB .. And since its still relevant.. Enjoy!

I spend a lot of time thinking about love, relationships, and even feeling down about not being in one when almost everyone I know is boo’ed up. I tell myself, “don’t chase, attract.” Or even, “you’re not going to find it. It will find you.” And I do believe it all, but it doesn’t stop the loneliness or give you some attention right when you need it..Not everyday do I feel like this, but often enough..

Well, I was talking to Haqq one day and I repeated something I said to my (guy)friend Jay, “I hope I haven’t met the person I’m supposed to be with yet. The idea that a. We had a go ’round already that didn’t work or b. I have this awesome person in my life and don’t know it is freaky.. I mean isn’t that valid? Wouldn’t those two things kinda suck? Anywho, So Haqq asked me how believeable is that? The likelihood that I’ll meet someone new and marry them is slimmer than me making it work with someone already in my life and how that’s often a popular story. “I knew him for so many years and one day boom we came together.”So its possible that my one of my fears is going to happen .. So I amended my thought, like yeah, your probably right. I hope I haven’t at least already dated him.

Does anyone see the problem here? I didn’t at first, but then I thought later, why sell yourself short Cleo? What is UP with that? Why isn’t it realistic that I haven’t met him.. Not to invalidate her point but .. I should have stuck with mine.. But IF one of them is. I hope its someone great and I haven’t realized it yet because I’m watching / helping him grow…

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