Why I haven’t been blogging …

I know I’ve been taking so many hiatuses from blogging that people probably don’t even check here anymore .. but I spent some time thinking about WHY I haven’t been utilizing my site …

I came to the realization that it was a combination of many things .. but one that stuck out was that I struggled with my identity as a blog/blogger … One of the first questions people ask when they hear you have a blog/webiste is ” What kind of blog is it?” And I always felt like I had to try and put my blog in a box … People didnt get that it was just me, a mix of everything I love. Fashion, personal stories, news stories I was struck by and just a complete mix of randomness. That doesn’t quite fit in a category. . . and the whole thing about paying for a site that doesn’t make money .. I felt I needed to pick a category, do it well, and try to prosper… It lost its orignal appeal to me.

I started this blog at first as Desire’s Inspiration on wordpress.com and eventually transferred everything here to Cleo Sunshine to create a brand, but I lost the reason I started it. I started it to vent, to get out to write. I had just graduated college with my BA in Journalism and Media Studies and I still enjoyed writing a lot even if I  hadn’t gotten a job in the field. This was my outlet. My place to showcase my skill and opinion about topics relevant to me. And I’ve realized I am my brand. Not the topic I write about. I am the reason people would read my blog..

I want to get back to that  … Part of is that I do realize some people do read it, and I always get comments from people, via twitter, facebook, or the comment section on the posts that I just wrote from the heart, whether about music, fashion, or whatever. I want to get back to the basics .. I am not an authority on any subject or field here in this blog world, I’m  just me. A Jersey girl who likes so many different things I can’t begin to describe it all

I’ve learned that life can be really simple when you take a moment to do that. Back 2 Basics.   And I really want to do that here.  More living. More sharing. More blogging..

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