Slightly confused ..

Recently I was having a chat with an old friend… Let’s just say we go back like cornbread and collard greens .. and she was recounting an event she witnessed that I didn’t even remember from about two years ago. She told me that one day we were with another friend who told us that she had done something and I was very judgey towards the friend to a point where I made her uncomfortable … She told me that I recently said something that bothered her and even though she knew I meant no harm, she took offense..

Now, let me preface this that I do struggle with being insensitive sometimes. I’m not mean, but I speak without thinking. Which if you read about Geminis it’s a very common trait. Anyway, I know that I can be that way, and I always hope I haven’t offended someone, and often I might ask them if I have.  Lately I do try to be careful in what I say. But it just made me think of perception. But what do you do if its someone you know very well? They know deep down you’re a nice person, a good person, but yet something you say has offended them..

I know that I take people as they are, even if what they do is different than what I would do. I also know that I’m in world where I have evolving views on many issues and often times I enjoy debate for the sake of debate. I also know that people do not know these things about me. How do I manage? How do any of us manage? Even though lately I’ve evolved into someone who is comfortable in who I am, I don’t want who I am to offend who you are…

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