finality of progress

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

This quote, by Winston Churchill, has been permeating my soul lately. I remember in the past saying my biggest fear was failure and I didn’t even have a concrete definition of failure. Was it failure to meet goals I set for myself or expectations that I think others may have imposed on me. What was this failure that I was so scared of. So, when I kept seeing this quote it stuck with me and I let it marinate – as I do with most things. And I started to question what exactly is my biggest fear.

Now, my big thing now is evolution. Evolving. change. My biggest fear today may not be my biggest fear next year. Just as my goals for this year as always changing. I realize the change whenI answer questions, I don’t say “I will NEVER do ____ blah blah ” instead I might say, “I don’t see that right now but who knows what the future will hold..”  So right now, I do have a big fear of living a lonely life. Like to be older, unmarried, no kids, and no strong sense of family (frequent readers know that my family life isnt really close). I don’t want to grow up into an old cat lady. I am a firm believer in sharing your happiness, and I don’t want to be that new breed of “woman” that put so much into her career and getting ahead that she forgot to have a life (and sex!!).Right now, I am working on just being an all around good, nice person -which BTW I think I am lol.. so I just have to be patient and not worry too much about the future in that way. If you build it. It will come.

One thought on “finality of progress

  • onebaddboo

    Thanks for writing about this. It seems that failure is the top thing I constantly worry about. The top thing I fear. An overall fear of failing at life. What if I lose my house? My job? Don’t get a graduate degree? Can’t have kids? Have kids and the father isn’t around? All things that are pretty common now-a-days and it breaks my heart.

    Living a lonely life is a huge fear in general. Evening having a live-in bf, I still have that fear lol.

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