I need a hair miracle

As much as I loved my journey with hair color this summer, I am saddened by the damage to my hair length and most importantly its texture! Soo.. I created this photo collages to chronicle the changes .. I was in LOVE with my curls summer 2010, it was the year I discovered the CG method, or a modified version.. Then I did my usual straight in the winter where I cut my beloved bangs … Then in May 2011 there was my color… I went blondish with no bleach.. I guess my hair just doesn’t respond to color and all the conditioner in the world won’t save it.. So now I’m taking a break from my winter hair, aka heat to give it some love, hopefully I don’t have to do another chop off. I can’t go back to summer 06 where I cut it off… My face didn’t do well with that..



So in this collage we have my Summer 2010 curls, do you see how awesomely beautiful they were. This was the first summer I really felt I had control of my curls and I had a quick and easy regimen. The next photo is when I first cut my bangs. The black is my natural hair color. It had such nice flow.  then we have my dye, which I did for my birthday in May 2011. Still long and healthy, but it had just started.  Then we have my summer curls. They appear a little frizzier and not as tight as the previous summer curls, but length was still there..


Here we have late Summer 2011, where I straightened my hair. As you can see it looks a bit ratty at the ends, but it was long. But as anyone knows – long and damaged hair is AWFUL. So I did what you are supposed to do, I CUT IT! that is the 2nd photo. The last two are more recent. Because I felt the color was drying I darkened it. but its still breaking.

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  • Cleo

    I just noticed this comment, and it was right on time because I was feeling very : I miss my straight hair and want it back today. Thanks!

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