Summer Sandal Shoe Crush

I have died and gone to summer shoe heaven. I love everything about this neutral toned shoe, enough to abandon my wedges for the summer (and by abandon I mean only buy 1 pair vs. two). These are the Jessican Simpson Kylie sandals. I need them in my life in time for LA/Vegas in May. I see them going with EVERYTHING. Jeans, dresses and shorts oh MY!

So, I attempted to buy this shoe online. Macy’s was having a one day sale and it was marked down to 66 dollars from 110! #SCORE! Loaded my cart with  my selected size (size 8) go to check out after looking at some dresses and my transaction kept getting kicked back. Turns out my size was not available. HOW RUDE!!! If its not available why did you let me load my cart???? My heart dropped. I thought it was a joke. I was on the horn with someone so I opted for the “chat” customer service feature vs. calling them and they said nope, only size 9 and 10 were left. Who are all the size 8 women stealing my shoes????

I haven’t resolved to paying full price yet. I will find a discount.

I also have been thinking as I look at this pic, these shoes are definitely distinctive of my shoe taste. They remind me of these Chinese Laundry sandals I have. From the open toe front to the ankle strap.  Very interesting to realize your style hasn’t changed much and is in fact distinctive to you. I love that!

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