Ashton Kutcher is looking for love !

Somehow, when I heard celebrity dating video, I knew it would be Ashton Kutcher, he is known for his hijinx acts from shows like MTV’s punked. The over the top characters are probably just the type of people you would find looking for love on  a site

like . Check them out in this video:

First I have to talk about Darl, he was probably  my favorite, he was a dead ringer for a young Karl Lagerfield. He was just the type of personality you’d expect a “high-fashion” diva to have. Darl also kisses his dog on the mouth (gross) and ate a  chip after the dog licked it. I almost felt like I was watching an old Paris Hilton video too. Of course he is looking for love, because he doesn’t know how to express it! And this guy looked the least like Ashton. Go Makeup! Definitely an extreme character.

My second favorite was swordfish. Something about knuckle tatts makes a guy endearing? He didn’t look harmful, but sort of like he belonged with a Sons of Anarchy vest on. And he keeps a “log” of thoughts, hopes, wishes. hehehe Don’t confuse it with a diary -_-

He does two other characters, Nigel and Raj, who are also looking for love on worldwidelovers.  And of course he himself is looking for love. Oh Ashton.

Definitely check out each guys individual video.  You will enjoy them. I promise. And I hope you find some love too!



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