Cooking is an art, baking is a science

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought. I consider myself many things, but creative is not one. I think that I can follow directions very well. Give me a blue print and I will follow it to a tee.  Or I’ll take it, adjust it, and make it my own. Or at least tell me what you are looking for an I will deliver. This is how I am about school work. I hate vague assignments. Anywho … Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. This concept failed me this weekend.

So I’ve been really into juicing lately and I feel terrible about wasting all the healthy pulp. If you make 2 containers of juice a week, that is a lot of pulp. So I began to look for recipes to make use of the pulp. The first recipe was great. delicious carrot muffins. So I decided to try again with a different recipe. I was excited. How delicious do pineapple carrot muffins sound? I measured out all the ingredients, defrosted my pulp (from previous juices, I have a first in, first out policy), and heated my oven. The recipe called for 2 cups of pulp, one each of carrot and pineapple. I changed the recipe a bit, using whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose. Opting for apple sauce instead and reducing the amount of oil, and going with brown sugar and agave nectar instead of granulated white sugar. Once I addd the pulp, I was skeptical about the consistency, thinking it might need a little more flour, but I said eh, let’s see how this works out. Baked for the recommended 20 minutes. Checked with my toothpick and it was still kinda doughy, so I put them back in.  And I kind of forgot about them. I rushed to the oven in a frenzy and removed them and set to cool. When I checked them in 5 minutes, the tops had sunken. major #fail. but it doesn’t end there.

So I decide to taste test. I take a moderately sized treat and begin to peel away. I go t take a bite and the middle is completely mushy. Gross. So I cranked the oven back on and set them in there for another 20 minutes. I check them this time and the tops seem to be getting bit browner burnt, so I remove and cool. I taste tested another. And it’s still mush central. Mega fail. I was so disappointed in my baking attempt. But I saved them so I could eat the tops off for breakfast. #wastenotwantnot.

Original recipe:

The moral of this whole story was that … hhmm .. well actually I don’t remember anymore.  But I do know that I wish I had a muffin to eat right now. I should have taken pics with my NEW CAMERA! But alas, I didn’t. Next time. When I do over, I will make sure to pic my attempt at that. Maybe I’ll follow the recipe exactly next time, but for some reason I’m wanting to venture out more on my own creative limbs.

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