I am a MF’in SPARTAN!

I mentioned that I had signed up for the Spartan Sprint a few months ago and that I hoped this would help me reach physical and weight loss goals. Well, I can’t say that I lost much weight training, but I can say that I did feel healthier, stronger, and fitter. But was it enough to prepare me for this task?

I don’t think anything can prepare you for such things. It was 3.5 miles of hills and rocks and mud and obstacles. I’m talking carry a sandbag up a hill then back down it for a total of .5 miles. Can you do the monkey bars after dragging your “pet rock” around? Now you have to carry a tire down hill then back up. At least 100 yards of a barbed wire crawl, over rocks and hay and MUD. OH and when you’re done with that climb these rocks to the top of a hill so that you can slide down a water slide into a pool of mud water. And finally to finish, hop over some fire. Who let me do this? That’s just some of the obstacles we had. Some were easier than others. Some were impossible without help of others.  Strangers would offer you a boost and encouraging words. Truly awesome.

And why do I want to more? I am proud of myself for finishing. There were some early on moments where I doubted my ability to finish, but each time I came across my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th wind. I also wouldn’t let my partner know that I was nervous. And I couldn’t let my team down. We were this together. I mean, we were Locked, Cocked, and Ready to Rock. And one thing I am not, is a quitter. Nope.  The thing about this kind of race is that it does test your endurance. Can you get up and tackle the next task after you’re physically exhausted from the previous one?

I want to get more in shape. I want to be faster. stronger. better. It was an amazing thing. I thought I could do it in 1.5 hours. They said the fastest time was about 40 minutes and the longest about 2 hours. Well, I didn’t make my goal time. And it took me longer than anticipated. But I didn’t quit on any obstacle. I gave each one a try before succumbing to the burpee challenge (30 burpees if you cannot complete an obstacle).


3 thoughts on “I am a MF’in SPARTAN!

  • I mean I knew you did this, but I didn’t know what all it entailed! You’re a champion, J! Congrats on such an awesome achievement 🙂

  • Cleo

    They have them all year round in different locations. I have a goal to do one as often as I can, eventually getting better until I can tackle the next distance! It is such an adrenaline rush and test of endurance. You should absolutely do it!

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