The Good Fight

I have constantly been dealing with food and weight struggles. Just take a look here, here, here, oh here.. and even here on this site at my post that chronicle as far back as 2008 to see how often the topic of weight or diet or health coms into the discussion? How many New Years Resolutions have centered about bettering my health and hopeful wellness?? When will it ever end?

It’s easy to say its more about lifestyle changes, consistency, and all the standard rhetoric that comes along with it. This time around, I’m working extremely had at  being committed to my goals by being vocal about my goals to anyone who will listen. I have gotten my network involved by being vocal because it forces them to respect my goals. Additionally, I’ve even recruited others into the quest for success.

My current goal I’m working towards (outside of general weight loss) is running the Rutgers Half-Marathon (notice the sidebar countdown?) I’d been tinkering with the idea since about November, started working on my running in December, officially registered in January and been committed all of February. I won’t lie, its very hard because I’ve never run this much in life and also because my work schedule hasn’t gotten easier. However, I remain committed. I still go to get my miles in no matter the time, even if I’m a little off from the training schedule. Just this week, SIX miles on the treadmill. SIX!!

I’m excited and committed. Not to say I don’t have my slip ups, but I am overall committed. I even go to a nutritionist at my local gym.

I’m trying to hold my self to new levels of accountability. What are ways that you might hold yourself accountable? Does having a smart phone make it easier? Or other means of social connections? Please advise, especially those who have had weight loss success.








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