American Girl in Paris, Part Duex

Except Paris is the gym and its more like the bottom of the 9th inning in a double header than just part duex.

This week was week 1 back in the gym. To be honest, the fact that I am now  heavier than my starting weight last year has taken the biggest toll on me. It hit me that I am  heavier than I’ve been at my heaviest. Crazy how that can happen within one year of me being my skinniest I’ve ever been.

And I realize how much I don’t want to talk about it. The fact that I created a separate Instagram account to rack my progress says a lot about my insecurity on the issue.

So do I give myself the same speech, “buck up kiddo, if you did it once you can do it again?”

Do I make excuses, “well, this year there was a lot of change – dating, boyfriend, and a promotion”

Or do I just make an honest proclamation, “You got lazy and comfortable and didn’t make your health and fitness a priority”

Well Alex, I’d like to take D, all of the above because each of them is a little bit true. I hope to find my rhythm and groove back in the gym and in the comfort of my juicer.

Jesus be a weight watchers scale and help me get back down to my “normal” weight! All my clothes are too small, even my coats. I am not ready to re-buy my fat clothes. Sorry not Sorry.

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