Critical Condition

It’s been suggested that I try doing videos with my blog posts (vlog properly I guess). Finally,I have given in… I created my first VIDEO BLOG! I am a YouTuber! WOW.

The start of a new year brings with me, for the first time, lots of remorse and trepidation. I have been drowning in self-loathing over the success then failure of my weight loss. I lost weight, 25 pounds or so, and then I gained it back. I felt defeated, lost in the scent of despair. Lost in the fact that I got so close to the door and had to turn back. It crippled me. But now, I feel rejuvenated. I feel like I can’t go on like this any longer. Maybe its because I’m vain. Shoot me, I said it. I don’t take pride in my appearance currently. In the past, I could get by on my pretty hair or even my nice boobs (hey, a DD ain’t nothing to joke with!). But now, my hair is blah and my nails crapy, and what are boobs if they are sitting on top of a stomach you can’t stand….

So I set some TANGIBLE goals that will require consistency. Oh, and apparently, I have friends who are really into fitness and they peer pressure me to do races and marathons. Woop Woop!

Anyway, the video is about my hair, because lately, its been awful and I can’t take this terrible hair life. My curls are crap. Watch, comment, subscribe!! I started toying with iMovie on my phone, and tried my first attempt on my macbook over the weekend. I am still working on transitions and editing and you know the whole being on camera things.

I really get off on teaching myself new things… so I am excited that I am teaching myself how to make movies! Then I learned about the whole sharing and exporting part. Apparently it doesn’t end once you finish the iMovie project. So please subscribe to my new channel!!!

Also, I am still on this whole, each blog post will be named after a Sex and the City Episode, because they are always relevant. I guess my lack of posting prevents me from running out of episodes. What will I do when I run out???

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