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(Th)ink about it!

**Image Removed** I was browsing online looking for some cool political cartoons because I saw one by the exit I usually use at my dreadful job. And in my online search I found this one, which made me laugh, which is what a comic strip should do or at least inspire thought. This one is drawn by Keith Knight and his strip is called (Th)ink. Its supposed to tackle the social and political issues impacting communities of color. Ok, cool, I thought he'd have some dope stuff. But i was a little disappointed in what he had on the site. I mean, don't get me wrong, I could see he was talented, but I just felt that he wasn't taking an original enough spin on things. But this one here,…
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Cleo Sunshine is a lover, friend, blogger, writer, journalist. I love to live life and enjoy it. This blog isn't strictly news or entertainment, but its definitely opinion. I started this blog initially as a place to do what I loved and went to college for: writing. I started writing social commentary, opinions, sharing my love for shoes, food, and life. Over time, it has become a place where I chronicle my personal growth, feelings, love for nails, and random thoughts abut everything under the sun. Hopefully you enjoy what you read, continue to read and see where this journey leads... One ting that hasn't changed much is the paragraph below... Music guides me.  Words inspire me.  I hope that my writings inspire people, or at least one person, to…
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